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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we are often asked on Masonic matters - some may be answered from this document:

1. What is the purpose of Freemasonry? Freemasonry is a brotherhood with ancient history. We look after each other but not to the extent you may see on the television. Freemasons offer charity within the organisation and without. There is a great spirit of comradery, support and a social side as well.
2. Who is invited to join and why? This is the most common misconception about masonry - members are not invited to join! New members have to have want to join though it is true as with all private clubs a new member has to be proposed and seconded by existing members and there is a membership vote.
3. What would be the process to become a member? The first stage is to contact us! As you are here then email would probably be the simplest method. After and informal chat there would be a formal interview. After this stage there is a further three month process to go through at our meetings. You may find you already know some masons!
4. Is it true that masons look after each other. I have heard...... Yes, everyone has there own perception about Freemasonry. The truth is probably much more mundane than the misrepresentations even on some TV programmes.
5. Why is it a secret society? It clearly is not a secret society - but we are a  society with our own secrets OR you might say as with other clubs and societies we have some confidential matters.
6. I have heard that masons look after each other and will favour each other to make more money. Completely untrue and it goes against the first principles of Freemasonry! There is no financial gain from becoming a Freemason or any other social enhancement.
7. How can I ask Camalodunum lodge for some support for my charitable event? All requests for financial support are considered by the lodge committee and, if considered worthy for support, are then passed to the full lodge meeting for approval. To note we are less keen to support national charities and do favour small charities in our locale. The first approach is via the Secretary and again via email charitable donations.
8. Why are only men allowed to join - surely in these enlightened times ..... Because that is the way it is - it is enshrined in the constitution that to join a candidate must be "a free man, of 21 years and of good report". There are freemasons who are women but they belong to equally exclusive lodges, for women only.



If you would like to know more, or if you are a freemason and would like to pay us a visit, please contact the secretary by email..

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